Bespoke Design

A memorial is an opportunity to reflect the personality and individuality of the deceased, a commemoration & celebration of a life …

To this end we are able to help you with the design of an individual memorial that will meet all churchyard regulations.

  • Memorial Sketches
    An initial consultation to discuss ideas is followed by hand drawn sketches, to show how the design will look on the proposed headstone.
  • Memorial Stones Dorset
    Once an idea has been finalised, the stone is sourced from the quarry.
  • Memorial Stones Dorset
    The production of the headstone begins.
  • Dorset Stone Memorials
    Once the headstone itself has been shaped & finished, the inscription and ornamentation is drawn onto the stone by hand.
  • Memorial Headstone
    The memorial is then ready to be inscribed using the stonemason’s skill & expertise and a set of well sharpened chisels!
  • Memorial Headstone
    Finally the stone is ready to be taken to the churchyard for fitting.