• Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    The stone is superb and I’m just glad I did some online research before choosing you. Richard said that your son has gone into the medical profession, and I was thinking that he is saving lives while Richard is commemorating lives with great skill and artistry. These skills are so important because of the permanence of the work.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my husband’s memorial. It’s beautifully made and the whole family are very impressed. 

    The whole process has been easy and Ros has been so helpful throughout, and really kind and friendly too!  Thank you very much.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    The tablet is absolutely beautiful…will you please pass our thanks and gratitude onto your fantastic highly skilled team….the detail on the brush is incredible!

    The whole thing is just perfect for Dad.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    The headstone is wonderful, both my sister and myself are thrilled.  It is just as we had imagined, many thanks to Richard for his hard work and dedication in providing exactly as we requested. Many thanks for your excellent service!


  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    The plaque looks great!  My sister and I have both been to see it at St John’s and we are really pleased.

    Please say thank you to Richard, great job, and Rosalyn thank you for making the whole thing so easy for us and for being so helpful!  A pleasure to deal with you both.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    I cannot thank Richard and Rosalyn enough for their kindness and courtesy.  Richard was helpful and considerate at a difficult time but quickly grasped what I would like and his work and skill is exemplary.

    He has produced a beautiful memorial for my beloved wife, and I will be forever grateful.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    The headstone is absolutely stunningly beautiful, exactly what we wanted and a true accolade to my parents.

    I cannot tell you how thrilled we are! It’s so sensitively done and I am so happy Ros. Thank you!

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    It was my husband’s anniversary on Saturday and we went to the churchyard in Silton – it reminded me that I have never written to thank you for the headstone.

    It is looking so nice now – it has mellowed & the inscription stands out and I think it’s the nicest one there! Thank you so much.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    Richard and Rosalyn have been a pleasure to deal with throughout the process of getting a beautiful and fitting headstone for my late mother.

    We wanted to use a local company and have a traditional headstone, carved in the traditional way, by a master craftsman, using a beautiful British stone.

    We could not have been happier with the result, or the cost. Highly recommended, thanks very much.

    Iwerne Minster, Dorset.
  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    As a child I grew up with a sundial in our front garden in London. We always took family photos with it as a background. When my parents retired, the sundial had been left to rot but I took it back to Hampshire with the aim of repairing it … but never did. It languished at the bottom of the garden , tired, chipped and fractured but it always moved with us as I hoped it could be repaired one day.

    Nearly 30 years later since it moved from London it has been repaired thanks to the skill and tenacity of Richard. He discovered, after peeling back years of muck, that it was made from Portland stone! It now stands in our Dorset garden, looking magnificent thanks to Richard and Dorset stone memorials … a mastercraftsman and a gent! Thank you

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    Richard, the memorial looks wonderful! Thank you so much.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    Thank you so much for doing such a fab job for us.  You have both been so kind and sympathetic and it does look amazing.  I feel so happy that Beck, our daughter is properly remembered now.


  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    With very many thanks for a really beautiful job.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    Dear Rosalyn and Richard

    What can I say, we are very pleased , Min would have approved and I’m sure and I know he would have appreciated your time and skill.  It will always be a special place for us, your craft and workmanship have added to the environment, and given us a very meaningful stone.

    Thank you.


  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    I couldn’t be more pleased.  After my husband passed away I wanted his headstone to be personal to him, a reflection of him.  Dogs were his life, I decided that I’d like to incorporate a carving of his favourite dog.

    This could not be met by the first company I approached, in fact they made it sound like an impossibility!  So I got on the internet and found Dorset Stone Memorials.  My call was answered by the warm and friendly voice of Rosalyn who immediately said “yes my husband can do that”.  Music to my ears, she grasped what I wanted and suggested how it could be achieved.  Using email I was sent sketches, layouts and shown different stones, she made everything easy.

    The result is the most perfect headstone in Cumbrian blue/black slate baring a beautifully hand-carved German shepherd dog and inscription.  It is a work of art.

    Thank you so much Richard and Rosalyn.

  • Dorset Stone Memorial Testimonial

    Dear Richard and Rosalyn,

    I would like to thank you so much for the care taken with this commission for my people.  It has been a joy to find a local letter cutter who has enabled the client to engage with the design and realisation of the whole process.

    In this instance, the selection of Portland stone with deeply incised Roman letters, complimented with softer italics, created a balanced inscription on one side.  A succinct quotation was delightfully executed on the other.

    It has been really satisfying to find that the spirit of hand cut lettering is alive and well in this area.  It is a real antidote to some of the soul-less machine cut examples.




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