The inscription is the most important part of a memorial and should therefore be given much thought and planning.

It should never be seen as an add-on to the headstone design; rather an integral part of the overall design of the stone.

As a company we promote hand-carved lettering, as we believe deeply carved letters, generally left unpainted, using side light and shadow, ensure legibility, especially as the stone weathers over time.

A sketched layout is provided to scale, which shows how the inscription will appear on the stone.
This makes it easier to see any changes that may be required. In some cases machine carved lettering is more favourable, especially with hard grey granites in which hand-carved letters are difficult to achieve. We will always advise the best type of lettering at the discussion stage and put forward the various options.

Please see below examples of our hand carved lettering, and also machine carved letters suited to hard granites.